domingo, 23 de julio de 2006

No one love me outside me

I said I love you, didn’t you hear?
I said I want kids that looks like you
I think I said I love you hair
I want my kids to have it too

Later I see you there yelling to me
showing me people use to change
making my cry because of your words
talking without thinking, letting get away your rage

I walk away this time, Its my turn
No coming back as some day did
You hurt me with words
I used to love
Sorry, this is something
I won’t ignore

Oh god, I feel bad, its happening again
I felt in love and I loose in the game
Ill not tell anybody I’m in love
even if my chest went to exploit

I just realized a lie
I used to think some one love me

3 comentarios:

Baakanit dijo...

It's hard to find somebody that can reciprocate the love we have for them.

First we need to learn love ourselves(inside) and then wait until that person comes and love our outside!


Mau dijo...

I love me self belive me, and my love for my self its so big that thats what I want to say, nobody but me loves me

Anónimo dijo...
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