viernes, 14 de julio de 2006

Means nothing

Talk this over
With the big shiny mirror that saw us making love
He has already forget about that day
But I have not

That day you make me my first tattoo
It wasn’t my first time
No big deal
But I remember it
Like if it did.

Walking through live
I learned too late
That in this world the romantic kind of girl
Can’t live to tell the tale.
For me lights go down in slow motion
For busy people is too fast
Maybe I shut get some thing else to do
Than making mine this emotion
Taking it far…

I’m so in love with you
You’re so in love with live
I’m dead, right now I’m dead
And you’re so alive

Well enjoy it honey
Some day you’ll be back
I now how to wait
I’ve before a lot
I’ve seen, in waiting time
White things turn black
I hope this love way turns back.

Blue touches
This is more love
Than I can handle now
From your eyes

Cant notes that I trembling
Live lover?

Cant notes that I love you
All over?

Make me promise you again Ill stay here
Looking your stunning back
As you walk away
With the silly promise
In my hands
That some day
I’ll sees you back.

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Baakanit dijo...

don't wait, keep moving. You don't want a "refusal" to come back to you. Let it go and you'll see again how bright the sky is!