viernes, 14 de julio de 2006

Like you

I saw some one that looks like you
Same sunset smile
Same sweater type.

Heart begins its pollution
Sort of hiding from me
Sort of saying hello
Walking through big shiny sun.

Advertising pain
This beep
Once again
White emotion
But I swear
I didn’t feel it in my chest.

Oh, dear
He was just like you
Hair as wheat
I love this
I love seen you through
Some one that looks like you.

He walks away
And I did too
I is impossible seeking him for ever
Like is impossible look after you
In this full-of-people desert.

1 comentario:

Baakanit dijo...

Sometimes it happens, we find in somebody the looks that we've been wanting to see.

It could be a simple little thing that can lead us to remind that person that passed through our lives.