domingo, 16 de julio de 2006

I can´t

Que abra -que ponga puertas a los montes
que hable -que no me calle jamas
que busque -que me enseñoree las cuidades
que ame -que diga tu nombre una vez mas

Against feeling that killed
Previous feelings trapped inside my brain
This is my posture, what I want to say:
I can’t.

I realized damage
Surprised I walked this red ties
Looks like love but I think it isn’t
Love never dies

Still looks like a little lovely
Deserved mercy that I don’t have
You said I was a devil
Well: I think I am

How can I want some thing that hurt me
And do it once again every time it can
How can I be like any another human
I cant

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Baakanit dijo...

si eres paciente veras que podrás

Anónimo dijo...
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