viernes, 11 de agosto de 2006

See you *the silence shushing the radio

I run away because you looked sad
Every time you were in front of me
I used to feel dizzy when we take hands
But lately I felt like some one you didn’t want to see

Sitting next to phone I waited a call
That didn’t came
Ignoring that I tried to see you
And you said you didn’t want to be part of a game

But I was so serious

Now I now you´re far
Trying to show you don’t need me
Looking seclusion, your new little toy
And I get a photo to see you while miss your voice.

Once in a while I look news from you
I promise I wouldn’t; now you know I do
Dear, neither your lips weren’t closed to any body else
Nor I didn’t want say what I said.

I’m here, looking for you in the exact place where you can’t be found
Listening to the silence that shush the radio
hearing no sound.

2 comentarios:

Baakanit dijo...

a picture is not enough, we also need the vibrations of that voice that makes us fly.

Take care!

Mau dijo...

A eso se refiere el poema
al silencio de las fotos